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You are not alone. Our personal injury and traffic violation attorney will ensure the best possible result for your case, and shelter you and your family from the stress of dealing with insurance companies.

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The Altman Law Firm, PC is a full-service law firm providing legal assistance in the following matters; Criminal Defense, Traffic Violations (e.g. Speeding Tickets), Personal Injury, Family (Divorce & Child Custody) and Real Estate Law, Wills, Trusts and Business Corporations.

We provide excellent representation in the District, Superior, and Federal Courts of North Carolina. Our firm helps clients in Richmond, Anson, and Stanly Counties. Our staff is professional, courteous and dependable. We are responsive to our client’s needs and are eager to assist both return clients and new clients.

Why Altman Law Firm?

Our mission at Altman Law Firm is to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, while delivering client-centered, cost-effective results. All cases are treated equally and with respect, no matter their size or magnitude. Clients can attest to the quality, personalized service delivered by our firm. They can also attest to favorable and fair outcomes.

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We want to hear your story. If you are an individual who has been harmed, a company in need of defense, or an employer looking for legal counsel, look no further. Altman Law Firm is here to help. We are a firm with a track record for great results. Contact us to schedule your free legal consultation.

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Our attorney has extensive litigation experience and we put 100% of our experience, our legal knowledge, and our dedication to getting justice for our clients. Call our skilled personal injury and traffic violation lawyer today. Contact us to schedule your free legal consultation.

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Altman Law Firm specializes in delivering high-quality personal injury and traffic violation related legal services with winning results. Our clients count on us to provide personalized and attentive legal services that are efficient and cost-effective. Unlike other law firms, we won’t simply “settle out” your client’s claim. Our personal injury lawyer and a professional staff is always prepared and determined to go the distance on each and every case until a fair and full resolution is achieved.




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Whether you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or suffered from a slip and fall injury, there may be a time when you need experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. But beware, not every car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer is alike.


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