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If you have recently been charged with a traffic violation, we can help. A traffic violation can significantly impact your insurance premiums and your future driving privileges. A traffic violation will affect your insurance premiums for three years. A DWI can cause your license to be suspended for a whole year.

However, these costly increases and penalties can be lessened and sometimes avoided by hiring an attorney who knows the finer points of traffic law. We focus a large part of our practice on Traffic Law and would like to help reduce the impact of this violation on you and your insurance.

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Criminal Law

You need representation if you are charged with a crime. If you are convicted of the charge it could negatively impact your employment, your credit and your rights as a citizen. A conviction will also be reported on your criminal record, which could be used against you in future court proceedings.

An experienced attorney can help protect your rights and your reputation. At the Altman Law Firm, PC we provide hard work and personal attention to our client’s cases.

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